Utah V-Strom Gathering 2008 - Part 3

Scott and Voughn.

V-Stroms in Cannonville.

Great scenery along NV-12.

V-Stroms on Mammoth Creek Rd.

VSGAL attacking the curves.


Tallest summit this trip - 3021m.

Looks like a V-Strom gathering...

How do you end up upside down on a straight road like this?

Nevada's finest taking care of the accident.

Revenue generation in Ely.

Only straight roads in NV?  Nice scenery at least.

The skies opened up near Elko.  Just like at home...

The barn collection.

This place has seen better days.

Ghost town in NV.

Ghost town in NV.

Ghost town in NV.

Not the best tires for this scenic detour.

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Copyright © GBuhacoff.   Pictures taken with a Canon SD450.