Utah V-Strom Gathering 2008 - Part 4

Every town in NV seems to have a casino.

Nice place to site your house.

In NV, they are proud of their "pork barrel" spending.

Riding along the Owyhee River.

Snake River in Idaho.

I'm sure he was planning to pass that car there, way in the distance.  Some day...

Trent was so surprised to see me, he promptly dropped his bike when he got off it...  Bummer about the windscreen.

Sunny eastern Oregon.

OR-245 along the Burnt River.

Another one for the Barn Collection.

Going up Dooley Mountain.


Hwy 245, Dooley Mountain.

Another one for the Barn Collection.

Lunch in Sumpter, OR.

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Copyright © GBuhacoff.   Pictures taken with a Canon SD450.