European Trip - Part 4


Kaysersberg01.JPG (70370 bytes)

Keysersberg is right off N415 coming from Col du Bonhomme.


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It has a lot of these half-timbered houses, painted in pastel colors.


Kaysersberg03.JPG (89947 bytes)

Old fortifications turned city parks.


Kaysersberg04.JPG (66481 bytes)

And, of course cobble-stoned strrets.


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In Munster, lunch was more than just a sandwich on the sidewalk...


Munster2.JPG (70817 bytes)

Musnter's town center.


Munster3.JPG (96257 bytes)

Not much left of the older town of Munster.


Copyright GBuhacoff.   Pictures taken with Minolta Dimage X.