European Trip - Part 7


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To get from Zurich to Zernez, you have to "suffer" through this kind of scenery.


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Hotel Spol in Zernez.


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Taxes?  We don't pay no stinkin' taxes...


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Zernez is full of these manicured houses.


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From Zernez we went for a hike in the Swiss National Park.


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This hotel is the only establishment inside the park boundaries.


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Santa Maria, where the road from Ofenpass and Umbrail meet.  The alley that leads up to Umbrail is very easy to miss.


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Going up Passo dello Stelvio from the Trafoi side.  Bad pavement, lots of traffic (busses and trucks included), hairpins and spectacular views.


Stelvio-Ortles.JPG (59532 bytes)

The Ortles, from Stelvio's top.  The peaks top 3900 meters.


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Going down from Passo dello Stelvio towards Bormio.  Still single lane, but much better pavement.


Stelvio3.JPG (94164 bytes)

and more spectacular views.


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The train runs on Poschiavo's main street.


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Passo del Bernina.  Fast, excellent pavement, one of the best roads in the Swiss Alps.


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If you have time to look around while riding Passo del Bernina, it also has a nice view of Palu.


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St. Moritz.


Julier1.JPG (74446 bytes)

GTS at the top of Julierpass.


SwissCows.JPG (82913 bytes)

Swiss cows.


Copyright GBuhacoff.   Pictures taken with Minolta Dimage X.