European Trip - Part 8



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Oh, yes, another castle... ;-)


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Luca and his friends in a San Giacomo cafe.


Spluga1.JPG (35156 bytes)

Passo dello Spluga.


Montespluga1.JPG (59609 bytes)

GTS and Luca's Adventure in Montespluga.


Montespluga2.JPG (76009 bytes)

Albergo Victoria in Montespluga.


SanBernardino1.JPG (43182 bytes)

The lake at the top of Passo del San Bernardino.


RoncoSAscona1.JPG (112238 bytes)

Breakfast on the terrace in Ronco.


RoncoSAscona2.JPG (105094 bytes)

Ronco sopra Ascona from Lago Maggiore.


Brissago1.JPG (41053 bytes)

Brissago island.  A summer getaway turned into a botanical garden.


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The old villa on Brissago.


Brissago3.JPG (70492 bytes)

This is a back yard.


Ascona1.JPG (67592 bytes)

Walking down Ascona's narrow lanes.


Grotto1.JPG (110290 bytes)

This grotto was a 15 minutes walk from the road...


Grotto2.JPG (52707 bytes)

...but the view was spectacular.


Brissago4.JPG (34230 bytes)

This is Brissago as viewed from the grotto.


Locarno1.JPG (74074 bytes)

This square hosts the Locarno Film Festival on a giant screen in August.


Locarno2.JPG (74905 bytes)



Maggia1.JPG (91513 bytes)

Valle Maggia.


Maggia2.JPG (85952 bytes)

This is one of many great waterfalls in Valle Maggia that you have no chance of finding without local guides...


Copyright GBuhacoff.   Pictures taken with Minolta Dimage X.