European Trip - Part 9


Annecy1.JPG (73603 bytes)

Annecy from Hotel du Chateau's terrace.


Annecy2.JPG (79063 bytes)

Quai de l'Eveche, Annecy.


Annecy3.JPG (64925 bytes)

Palais de l'Isle, the old prison in Annecy.


Annecy5.JPG (62148 bytes)

Palais de l'Isle at night.


Annecy4.JPG (76368 bytes)

Hotel du Chateau, where we stayed in Annecy.


Auxerre1.JPG (44474 bytes)

Auxerre's cathedral over the old city's rooftops.


Auxerre2.JPG (88578 bytes)

Auxerre's center.


Fontainebleau1.JPG (64177 bytes)

Chateau de Fontainebleau.  Probably one of the reasons they cut their heads of in the revolution...


Fontainebleau2.JPG (119092 bytes)

A hidden corner in the chateau.


Paris1.JPG (58643 bytes)

It seems everywhere you turn, that pesky tower is in sight...


Paris2.JPG (102083 bytes)

Lizbeth enjoying French coffee and patisseries on the Champs Elysees.


Paris3.JPG (71921 bytes)

Another Parisian icon.  I don't know why people climb it.  The real fun is driving, or better yet riding, around it.


Paris4.JPG (105233 bytes)

Galeries Lafayette.  1M people and no (real) air-conditioning.   A test of your desire to go shopping.


Copyright GBuhacoff.   Pictures taken with Minolta Dimage X.