European Trip - Part 10



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Sacre Coeur is a very popular spot.


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Place du Tertre, Montmartre.


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This should be illegal - Boulangerie giving  away generous samples on the street.  Impossible to resist.


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Gone are the days in which Bentley would have refused to make this car.  Money buys everything, except good taste... ;-)


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You can enjoy some great music at Parisian train stations.


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This is what Parisian drivers see in their mirrors.  Lane splitting on the Peripherique.  Most drivers move to allow the bikes through.


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Hertz was kind enough to lend me this Renault Megane for the trip to Antwerp.  Good for cruising at DoD nominal on the autoroute.


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Antwerp has some great architecture.


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This is another impressive square in the old part of Antwerp.


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Antwerp's old cathedral.


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The town of Chantilly hosts the living horse museum and a very impressive arena/racetrack.


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Chateau de Chantilly.  Probably another reason they cut their heads off in the revolution...


Copyright GBuhacoff.   Pictures taken with Minolta Dimage X.