European Trip - Part 11


Castle2.JPG (57572 bytes)

You'd think someone was giving these away in the 12th-16th centuries...


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Centovalli - S337 is a typical Alpine road.  Single lane barely wide enough for two cars, scary drop-off and no markings.  And a lot more traffic than you'd think.


Malesco1.JPG (65944 bytes)

And suddenly, in the middle of nowhere, you run into this...


Malesco2.JPG (65531 bytes)

...complete with round figured priest.


Simplonpass1.JPG (38894 bytes)

Low clouds over Simplonpass.


Simplonpass2.JPG (52577 bytes)

Er, this must be the summit of Simplonpass...


Simplonpass3.JPG (63410 bytes)

Some other trip we'll explore the hiking trail around Simplonpass.


Copyright GBuhacoff.   Pictures taken with Minolta Dimage X.