Lizbeth's New House


Front3.JPG (37147 bytes)

We moved in!


Kitchen3.JPG (39685 bytes)

Kitchen then...

Kitchen2.JPG (31579 bytes)

And now.

Nook2.JPG (31025 bytes)

Kitchen nook.


Family2.JPG (27442 bytes)

Family room.


Master3.JPG (26088 bytes)

Master bedroom.


Masterbath1.JPG (29298 bytes)

Finally enough room in the bathroom... 


Office1.JPG (29928 bytes)

Mouse potato.  ;-)


Back1.JPG (55722 bytes)

When we moved in, there wasn't much of a back yard...


Back2.JPG (40987 bytes)

A couple of weekends of hard work later, the grass is no longer greener on the other side...


Compost1.JPG (41076 bytes)

A couple of loads of mushroom compost...


Back3.JPG (50033 bytes)

Add a few plants...


Back5.JPG (38891 bytes)

And pretty soon you have a real garden.

Back6.JPG (53531 bytes)

Or so I thought, before this...

Back7.JPG (36659 bytes)

...and this...

Deck 0206.JPG (41609 bytes)

...and this.  OK, so NOW we have a garden.


Front 0206.JPG (46582 bytes)

This is what happened in the front.