Trailer Queens - Part 4

We woke up to a beautiful, if a bit chilly morning.

Brian practiced his Spanish in the morning.

He also practiced his English...

There was a group of base jumpers at the ranch.  They used the helicopter to get to their jumping spot in the canyon.

Tony and Brian at the Basaseachic falls.

Basaseachic waterfall

On the road to San Juanito - looking into the canyon.

On the road to Cajurichic.


Kids love motorcycles, Brian had stickers to give away - he was very popular.

Noel on the road to Aguatechi

Did I mention kids love bikes?  These kids were not happy to be dragged away.

Brian working on increasing my daily dust intake...

Tony did his part too...

Road hazards

More road hazards.

Noel on the road to San Juanito.

Tony climbing out of the valley.





People get rides on what ever goes in the right direction.


Progress - Preparing the road for paving.

The face of progress in Chihuahua.

Tony just before he almost got run over by the dump truck.

Like a trailer queen...

Hostile environment...

Drive through liquor store in San Juanito.

Pizza place in Creel.

Creel's plaza.

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Copyright © GBuhacoff.   Pictures taken with a Canon SD450.