Trailer Queens - Part 8

We tried to go have dinner at the Best Western.  No room at the restaurant, but the bar provided plenty of entertainment.

Things got a little intense, these guys take their soccer very seriously...

Noel had to come in and be the ref to keep everybody in check.

Since the BW woudln't find us a table, we went to El Parador de la Montaña.  That waiter seems very familliar...

Cheerful crowd.

Tony and Brian seemed pretty happy with their meals.

Getting to/from the hotel to Creel's main street was an adventure, as the RV Fantasy Tour rail cars blocked our short cut and we had to jump over the cars.

It was time to leave Creel.

On the road to Guachochi



The road to Guachochi

Rio Urique.

On the road between Guachochi and Parral

Slow traffic on Hwy 24.

Villa Matamoros

Tony and Brian in Villa Matamoros.

Crucero La Zarca.

Tony and Brian filling up on water.

This looked to be the hottest game in town.

It seemed like the old guy was cleaning them out...

Av. 20 de Noviembre and Durango's cathedral

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Copyright © GBuhacoff.   Pictures taken with a Canon SD450.