Trailer Queens - Part 9

El Zocabon has been in business for 25 years, for some very good reasons.

We ran into a lot of road construction.  This is the road to Zacatecas - about to become 4 lanes.

The detours aren't always this nicely paved or easy to negotiate.

Hotel Maria Benita has parking around the block, but the staff thought it would be better to park inside the hotel.

Two down, one more to go

These V-Stroms are a bit heavy to push up stairs by myself.

Almost there.

Done.  Bikes parked away from the street for the night.

Tony reporting to the Boss.

Zacatecas street.

Tony and Brian with the Zacatecas cathedral and La Bufa in the background.

Brian in front of Teatro Calderon

Brian and Tony were brave enough to try eating at Acropolis despite my culinary adventures in January.

Inside Zacatecas' cathedral.

Zacatecas' cathedral

Tony shopping for souvenirs.

Av. Hidalgo, Zacatecas.


Museo Rafael Coronel at Ex-Convento de San Francisco.



Kids in Zacatecas.

Teleferico La Bufa.

Museo Rafael Coronel.

La Capilla de la Virgen del Patrocinio

Sunset from La Bufa

There is almost always something going on at Plazuela Francisco Gotia

There is almost always something going on at Plazuela Francisco Gotia

Dinner at La Quinta Real - great place to visit, not so much to eat...

Brian at the Quinta Real

Tony enjoying the overpriced wine.

I think this parking lot is full...

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