Trailer Queens - Part 13

Brian lost a small part on the road to Batopilas.  Javier made a replacement.

Brian and Don Jorge Espino, shop owner.

Durango's police uses these 883 Sportsters.

We found this really nice Italian place close to the hotel.

and a good cofe shop across the street - Cafe Brazil.

Marching band

Marching girls

Marching band

Marching girls

Of course, it was Don Benito Juarez' birthday!  Now it made sense.

The band.

They even had a typical Durango band.

Durango police bike.

Tony enjoying another great breakfast at El Zocabon.

Renovating the city.

On the road to Parral.

Cajeta sellers on the road.

Lonely roads.

Local transportation.

Kids always like bikes.

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Copyright © GBuhacoff.   Pictures taken with a Canon SD450.