Trailer Queens - Part 14

Seafood restaurant in the middle of the desert?  He claimed it was from the nearby Nazas river.  We ate snack...

Locals at the seafood restaurant.

Another lonely road.

A really lonely road...

The old textile factory in Talamantes

The factory closed over 50 years ago, the town died with it.

Tarahumara Inn, Cuauhtemoc.

This kid wanted to trade Tony for his KTM.  I told him it wasn't  agood deal...

Cuauhtemoc is a prosperous farming area.  Even Bancomer figured that out.

Lots of comerce along the road to the Menonite farms.

More road construction in Chihuahua.

The Cuauhtemoc area is one of the worlds largets apple growing regions.

This one is for Mauricio.

The Red Cross was out in force in Chihuahua collecting donations.

Old Pemex station in Bachiniva.

Local farmer.


When I saw this sign I realized we didn't go to any Menonite Pizza places.  Next time...

The road to Buenaventura.

Yet another lonely road.


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