Trailer Queens - Part 15

Abobe brick house in Bachiniva.

Getting gasoline in Gomez Farias.

This kid insisted he needed to clean my headlights/windscreen.

Some stations have an epoxy floor coating.  When it's wet, it can be deadly on a bike.

Potatoes must have been in season.  They were for sale on every other street corner.

A short break from the straight roads.

If it has wheels and it runs, it's street legal in Mexico.

We had a very nice lunch at Los Amigos in Buenaventura.

Tony was obviously satisfied.

Tacos de Alambre.

Man, that guacamole was spicy.

Tacos al Pastor.

Las Amigos.

Postman in Buenaventura.

High desert road.

Getting close to Villa Ahumada.

Pepsi trucks in Villa Ahumada.

Villa Ahumada's main street

Ice cream vendor.

The food stalls were surprisingly empty.

The road to San Jeronimo.

This road is well worth the toll.

Time to return the Temporary Import Permit.

Tony and Brian canceling their permits.

Leaving Mexico.

Brain waiting

and waiting...  It took more than 30 minutes to get across the US border.

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Copyright © GBuhacoff.   Pictures taken with a Canon SD450.