Trailer Queens - Part 3

We woke up to find both V-Stroms had flats.

If we had to get flats, NCG was about as lucky a place as it gets, it took us 10 minutes to find a vulcanizadora.

Good reason to have a center stand...

Back on the road after that little delay

The hills around Buenaventura provide entertainment.

The scenery is striking.

Abarrotes Mora provided much needed water and snacks to keep us on schedule.

High plains near Temosachic.

Temosachic is one of the coldest places in Mexico, it's also where Arturo and Eloisa spent the first years of their teaching careers.

Tony was complaining that the roads were not the most interesting.  He didn't complain after this...

Tony taking a break from MEX-16.

Our cabin at Rancho San Lorenzo.

The volleyball court is littered with softball sized rocks.

Tony made a new friend.

The dinning room at Rancho San Lorenzo.

Cabins are pretty rustic.

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Copyright © GBuhacoff.   Pictures taken with a Canon SD450.