Trailer Queens - Part 6

MotoAventuras stable at Paraiso del Bosque.

From left to right - Hector (hiding behind the column), Ruben, Quique, Johan, Noel (with his back to the camera) and Oscar.

Hector ready to explore Batopilas.

OK, now with El Guero's blessing he is really ready.

Oscar is ready for Batopilas too.

RV Fantasy Tour - load your RV in Chihuahua and ride the train to Los Mochis.

Road hazards in Creel.


Same road hazard, different street this time.

Tony's best ADVRider salute, or maybe that's what he thought of the Best Western.

Brian was still optimistic about the Best Western.

The lobby of the BW was more interesting than the food.

Creel's Post office.


You are as likely to be run over by the police as by any other yahoo in Creel.

Stocking up on water and snacks.

How many riders does it take to fix a flat?  Enrique and his "assistants"

Tony on the road to Divisadero.


The road to Divisadero.

Road crew.

The road to Divisadero.

RV fantasy Tour arrive at Divisadero.

MotoAventuras at El Divisadero.

Raramuri handcrafts.

Noel's pet peeve - it's easier to find a soda than water in many remote communities.

Raramuri handcrafts.

Hotel Divisadero Barrancas

Raramuri handcrafts


Handcrafts and curious kids.

Like moths to the light - kids can't resist bikes.

El Divisadero.

Raramuri girl.



Brian enjoying his gorditas lunch.

Tony and the Chepe


Brian and Tony

Raramuri handcrafts

Enrique and Jose Luis.

Enrique, Johan (in his natural state), Noel, Ruben and Brian.

Rio Urique canyon.

All rooms at the Divisadero Hotel have canyon views.

Tony enjoying the views.

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