Trailer Queens - Part 7

Piedra Volada

The views from Piedra Volada

Standing at the top of the world on Piedra Volada (that rock actually moves...).

Johan at Piedra Volada.


The view into the Rio Urique canyon.

Johan exploring.

This is what happens when you try to scam your customers - pumps shut down due to overcharging.

Brian giving Ruben a ride to San Ignacio.


San Ignacio mission dates from the early 1600s

Inside the San Ignacio mission.

San Ignacio mission

Yamaha's entry to the adventure touring market (you can rent these scooters in Creel).

Raramuri kids

Tony at Valle de los Hongos

Enrique and Enrique.

Valle de los Hongos.

Raramuri houses near Valle de los Hongos.

Valle de los Hongos


Raramuri houses near San Ignacio

MotoAventuras gang.

Riding towards San Ignacio.

JoseLuis and Lety.

JoseLuis and Lety





Bisabirachi - Valley of the Monks.

Bisabirachi - Valley of the Monks.

MotoAventuras stable at Paraiso del Bosque.

Polishing the trailer queen...

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